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Qalyptus Cloud is a 100% hosted solution by Qalyptus and does not require software installation.

Below are minimal requirements to work correctly with Qalyptus Cloud.


  • Windows 10 or greater
  • Mac OS X 10.7 or greater


  • All modern browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc.
  • Internet Explorer is not supported

SMTP server

To send reports by email, Qalyptus will use your SMTP server. You should configure an SMTP server on Qalyptus Cloud.

Qalyptus Cloud supports all SMTP servers accessible via the Internet.

For security reasons, port 25 is not supported. We encourage you to use an authenticated SMTP relay service with port 587.

Learn more.

Microsoft Office

Qalyptus Cloud allows you to design reports with four options: HTML, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. To design Excel, Word, and PowerPoint reports, Qalyptus uses an Office add-in that works with the following Office versions:

  • Windows 365 (desktop version)
  • Office 2021
  • Office 2019

Qalyptus Office add-in is hosted in the Microsoft Addins Store and installed automatically after opening a report template. If your organization allows you to install Office Addins from the store, you don't have to do anything on your part.

Otherwise, you can:

  • Deploy Qalyptus add-in in the Microsoft 365 admin center
  • Or Install the Qalyptus add-in manually using a manifest.

Deploy Qalyptus add-in in the Microsoft 365 admin center

This method allows you to deploy Qalyptus Cloud add-in securely to your organization's desired users and groups. Before you begin, see Determine if Centralized Deployment of add-ins works for your organization.

The deployment requires intervention from a Microsoft 365 administrator in your organization.

To deploy the Qalyptus add-in using the Microsoft 365 admin center, do the following:

Microsoft 365 admin center

  • Click Deploy Add-In
  • Click Next
  • Click Choose from the Store
  • Search with the word qalyptus in the list of add-ins
  • Select Qalyptus Cloud add-in and click Add
  • Click Continue to accept the License terms and Privacy policy
  • Choose which users will have access to the Qalyptus Cloud add-in
  • Click Deploy
  • You should see a message confirming the deployment of the add-in
  • Click Next, then Close
  • The configuration is done
  • When a user edits a Qalyptus Cloud report template, the Qalyptus add-in opens automatically

Microsoft 365 admin center - add add-in

Microsoft 365 admin center - add qalyptus cloud add-in

Microsoft 365 admin center - configure qalyptus cloud add-in

Microsoft 365 admin center - add qalyptus cloud add-in confirmation

Qalyptus cloud add-in excel


The user must keep the option Install the add-in using manifest disabled in the user profile > Qalyptus Office add-in.

Install the Office add-in using a manifest

This section will show how to install the Qalyptus Office add-in in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

  • Open Qalyptus Cloud and navigate to your profile
  • Go the Qalyptus Office add-in section
  • Select the option Install the add-in using a manifest
  • Click Download manifest
  • Save the manifest file in a desired folder on your PC
  • In our example, we saved the manifest file in C:\Qalyptus\OfficeAddin

Qalyptus Install Office add-in using manifest

  • Right-click on the folder > Properties > and share the Folder with your user
  • Copy the share path "\QALYPTUS\OfficeAddin"

Qalyptus Install Office add-in - share folder

  • Come-back to Qalyptus Cloud and paste the path in Add-in shared folder input field and click Save. This allows to open the Qalyptus Office add-in automatically after opening the report template

Qalyptus Install Office add-in - paste share folder

  • Open an Office tool (Excel, Word, or PowerPoint) and go to Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings... > Trusted Addin Catalogs
  • Paste the share folder path in Catalog Url
  • Click Add catalog
  • Check the option Show in Menu

Qalyptus Install Office add-in - add to office

  • When you download and open a report template, the Qalyptus Cloud add-in will open automatically

Qalyptus Install Office add-in open


If the add-in is not open automatically, add it manually by doing the following.

  • Open an Office tool (Excel, Word, or PowerPoint)
  • Find the Add-ins button and click on it. This button can be in different places depending on the Office version. It can be in the Home tab or the Insert tab.
  • In the new Window, go to the SHARED FOLDER tab
  • Select the Qalyptus Cloud add-in
  • Click Add
  • The Qalyptus Cloud add-in will be displayed in your Office and ready to use with report templates

Qalyptus - Activate Office add-in


If you don't see the Add-ins button, you can display it by customizing your Office ribbon in Office Options.

Qalyptus - customize office ribbon show addins