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Qalyptus Cloud is an advanced Reporting solution for Qlik Sense SaaS (Business and Enterprise). It allows you to create highly personalized reports and distribute them to your recipients.

Qalyptus Cloud is a 100% hosted solution by Qalyptus and does not require installation. You have a dedicated tenant whose data is completely separate from other tenants.

You can create reports with Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and HTML. Take advantage of the power of these tools to designate reports with a very high level of precision and quality.

Use filters to reduce data and choose what data to include in reports for each recipient. Conditions allow you to start generating reports only if a condition is true, like sending the report when there is a payment delay of more than ten days.

Using tasks, you can schedule the generation and distribution of reports to recipients. Choose the reports, the email message, the recipients, and the frequency of execution.

Get started with Qalyptus Cloud

This video shows you how to set up your account, create a report, and schedule the report to be generated and distributed to recipients via email.