Create conditions

You can add one or more conditions to execute a task in Qalyptus Server. The task is only executed if all the conditions are satisfied.

The task is only executed if all the conditions assigned to the task (All reports) are satisfied. After execution, Qalyptus will evaluate the conditions applied to each report, if the conditions are not satisfied, report generation is skipped.

To create a Condition do the flowing:

  1. On Qalyptus Server, go to the Conditions Page
  2. Click Create Condition
  3. Enter a Name
  4. Add description if you want
  5. Choose a Project to associate to the condition
  6. Click Save
  7. Then click Edit
  8. In Rules tab click Add Rule.
    A condition is composed by different rules. For a condition to be satisfied, all the rules must be satisfied.
    You can create a rule by comparing:

    • A variable to another variable
    • A variable to a custom value
    • A variable to the result of a Qlik expression
    • Check if a chart has values or not

Qalyptus condition rules

  1. Click Add
  2. Then click Save