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JWT authentication


Qalyptus will use the JWT authentication to allow you to embed your Qlik Sense apps in Qalyptus HUB and create reports. Your Qlik Sense apps and reports will be in the same place and organized as you wish in folders and subfolders.

JWT authorization capabilities in Qlik Cloud are available on an "as requested" basis for embedded analytics use cases on Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS tenants only. If it is not yet activated (check in Identity Providers), contact your Qlik account manager explaining that you need to activate the JWT capability to allow embedded analytics and reporting.

How to use Qlik Sense JWT Authenticate

To configure the JWT authentication follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Administration > Settings
  2. Go to the Qlik Sense Integration section
  3. Enter your Qlik tenant hostname
  4. Choose Qlik JWT authentication
  5. Enter a Web Integration Id (a)
  6. Enter a Qlik Sense API key (b)
  7. Click Save

a- Create a Web Integration Id

Follow the steps described in this article to create a Web integration Id.
Use your Qalyptus tenant URL in the origin field:  https://[your-qalyptus-tenant-subdomain]

b- Generate an API key
Follow the steps described in this article to generate an API key.
Qalyptus will automatically renew the API key before expiration until you revoke it Qalyptus.


Qalyptus will use the user's email to authenticate the user when it is necessary to communicate with Qlik Sense (get the list of applications, generate a report, etc.). The user must have the same email in Qlik Sense and Qalyptus.