HTML templates

In this section we will create an HTML template using QlikView objects. We will use a Chart (Line Chart), a Table and a Variable.

To create an HTML template, go to Templates tab and click Create button. Your screen will look something like this:

  1. In the Type drop-down menu select HTML
  2. Give a name to your template. Example: Performance HTML template
  3. It is recommended to add a description
  4. You have two options to create a new template. You can click  to create a new HTML file or click to create your template from an existing HTML file.
  5. Save your work

Click to create a new HTML file. Your screen will look something like this:

Qalyptus Html template

  1. An HTML file is open in the Qalyptus application
  2. Used: list of the selected objects and variables to use to create your template
  3. Objects: list of the table and chart objects of the selected connections
  4. Variables: list of the variables of the selected connections
  5. Connections: list of the available connections.

Now you need to add to the HTML file the objects you want to have in the file. In our case we will use the Performance connection and use the following items:

  • Sales Trend (CH137) as Image
  • Sales Performance (in thousands) (CH169) as Table
  • vCurDate as Variable

Follow the instructions below to add the items.

  • Go to the Connection tab and select Performance connection
  • Go to Objects tab -> find Sales Trend (CH137) > right click and choose Use as image
  • In Objects tab  find Sales Performance (in thousands) (CH169 ) > right click and choose Use as table
  • Go to Variables tab -> find vCurDate right click and choose Use the variable
  • Return to Items tab. You objects and variable are now available to be arranged in the file.

qalyptus template items

  • Add the text Date
  • Drag and drop vCurDate at the right of the text Date
  • Drag and drop CH137 (Sales Trend) and adjust it
  • Drag and drop the CH169 (Sales Performance (in thousands))

Qalyptus HTML template
Click Preview button and choose Http to view the result

  • An HTML file is created
  • qalyptus html template
    Click Save button to save the file
  • Close the window

When generating the report only objects and variables present in the Used tab are taken into account. Example: if the object CH137 is used in the HTML file and the object CH137 is not used in the Used tab, then the object CH137 will not be created in the HTML file at the time of the generation of the report.



A template can have three different status:

  • Valid template
  • File not found
  • No objects or variables used